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The Sponsors of the Heliodome


St Gobain

We would like to thank Saint-Gobain who supported us throughout the research and development phase of this new Solar Architecture and in particular Mr Marc Maurer, Director of Research and Development at Saint-Gobain Vitrage, as well Mrs Chantal Sergent, engineer at CDI Saint-Gobain de la Thourette.



Energy Concept

We wish to thank the company Energy Concept for their support in building the first prototype Heliodome and for their valuable assistance in the future development of the bioclimatic concept of fixed solar house Heliodomes, an in particular Mr Dominique M. Gauss, Executive Director.




We wish to thank the company Sonnenkraft for their material and technical support in building the first solar house Heliodome.




We wish to thank the company Unelvent for its active support in the development of bioclimatic Heliodome houses especially Mr Bernard Vuaroquaux, Regional Manager, and Mr Stéphane Mathey Sales manager.



Supporting Entities of Heliodome


Velux France

We would like to thank Velux who supported us in the construction phase of the prototype, especially Mr. Michel Frechin, commercial delegate at the Velux Agency "North-East", who supported us very actively.



We would like to thank the company Stabalux for its support to the conception and construction of the glass facade of the first Heliodome prototype, especially Mr. Bruno Frantz, commercial engineer.



We would like to thank the company MHI for their contribution to the calculation and planning of the concrete structure of the Heliodome prototype, especially Mr. Marc Huber, head of the engineering department and Mr. Davide Pacini, project engineer.


JS Thermie

We would like to thank the thermic engineering company JS Thermie , especially Mr. Jacques Stengel, for his pioneer works on the thermic behaviour of the Heliodome prototype.


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