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Your Passive Solar House Project


A bioclimatic architecture adaptable to your needs

With its large glass facade, the Heliodome provides an organization of space in harmony with the rhythm of the occupant’s lives throughout the year.

Virtual visit of the solar architecture Heliodome

Adjusting the height of the Heliodome leads to variations to its surface area and the number of levels. In this way, its size is completely flexible and can be adapted to the needs of its occupants :

  1. Height of 6m, living area of 40m2
  2. Height of 10m, living area of 160m2
  3. Height of 12m, living area of 300m2
  4. Height of 15m, living area of 600m2
southern facade of the solar house Heliodome   north-eastern view of the solar house Heliodome
South façade of the solar house heliodome
North east side of the solar house heliodome


Numerous architectural elements are under development, which fully respect the basic principles of the heliodome :

Bioclimatic architecture Heliodome, Bungalow view2 Bioclimatic architecture Heliodome, Bungalow view3 Bioclimatic architecture Heliodome, Bungalow view1
Bioclimatic architecture Heliodome, Bungalow view4
Bungalow version of the Solar House Heliodome

height = 6.1m
surface = 80m²

This configuration can provide layouts ideal for a three-room home or a "Loft" like interior or even for a holiday home ...


Bioclimatic Habitat Heliodome, single floor, view2 Bioclimatic Habitat Heliodome, single floor, view3 Bioclimatic Habitat Heliodome, single floor, view1
Bioclimatic Habitat Heliodome, single floor, view4
Single floor Solar House Heliodome

height = 7.1m
surface = 140m²

On this basis, we can imagine the space used for a four-room home or for professional or commercial purposes...


Solar house Heliodome, 2 floors, view2 Solar house Heliodome, 2 floors, view3 Solar house Heliodome, 2 floors, view1
Solar house Heliodome, 2 floors, view4
2 floor Solar House Heliodome

height = 8.4m
surface = 250m²

With its 250m² of living space and walkway overlooking the central living space, this configuration provides a large number of possibilities for development.

They are designed for both houses and public buildings (schools, kindergartens, libraries, exhibition halls, reception areas etc..) or professional (officespace, craft industry, restaurants etc.)..

The construction costs of these bioclimatic homes are similar to those of conventional buildings.


Our services for your ecological solar house

Because of the innovative nature of fixed solar architecture, owners of building projects require adequate support in order to limit the costs of design and construction.

This is why Éric Wasser and his partners offer a basket of services such as:

  1. Contact with a service real estate development and construction.
  2. Assistance by a certified architect for preparing the application file for building permission.
  3. Technical assistance on the design depending on your needs, the choice of materials, the construction principles to be observed.
  4. The contact with engineering services.
  5. The contact with suppliers and installers of technical components (glazing, insulation, solar panels, energy storage systems etc.).

Around this multi-disciplinary team the fixed solar house Heliodome will continue its development.


Heliodome . 10 rue du Diebach 67310 Cosswiller . Tel-Fax 03 88 87 09 66 .