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At the Heart of the Heliodome Network


Éric Wasser

Portrait of Eric Wasser, inventor of the bioclimatic habitat Heliodome
M. Éric Wasser

Éric Wasser, inventor of the concept of the Heliodome’s solar architecture, has always sought to surround himself with competent business partners who are themselves eager to progress. This for him is the only way in which he himself can progress and evolve.

His credo: The Rethinking of space through modern means and techniques.

Trained as a cabinetmaker he was awarded the prestigious title, Best Craftsmen of France at the age of 25 years old. He is a designer who has sought to highlight, from his conception of existence and his concerns for the environment, a notion that architecture has sometimes overlooked: the environment in which buildings are located.


His Collaborators

Rémi Mathey, designer and model maker, is responsible for the design of this bioclimatic habitat.
Using  Solidworks software, he creates complete 3D models of Heliodome construction projects, providing detailed drawings for the various building professions and other consulting bodies. This method of working allows the rapid exchange with computer numerical control centres, CNC.
His position is ideal for liaising between the various engineering consultancy partners.

Thomas Wasser, carpenter, cabinetmaker and creator of prototypes, completes the Heliodome team. Through active participation in all phases of construction of the 1st prototype Heliodome (structural work, carpentry, roofing insulation, installation of glazing, interior trim, etc ...), he capitalised on his wealth of experience during the various stages of construction.
His knowledge is a very important source for the construction of future solar Heliodome habitats.


The Heliodome Partners

Because the fixed solar house Heliodome is such an innovative concept of bioclimatic architecture and one which addresses such a wide audience, it requires a continuous promotion of collective skills.
Eric Wasser’s partners work to promote the concept and provision of services and appropriate advice to holders of real estate projects.



Energies & Batiments

The promotion of the Solar house Heliodome and the commercialisation of its applications

M. Rémi Mammoser


Design and Development

Thomas Steuerwald Ingenieurbüro

Structural engineering and structures.

M. Thomas Steuerwald
Wenschdorf 67
D-63897 Miltenberg

Nogha Consulting

Office of Architecture and Urban Planning.

M. Samuel Nogha
5, rue de la Mésange
67000 Strasbourg


Consulting company in energy-relared engineering

M. David Junger & M. Marc Magimel
9 rue Alfred Kastler
67520 Marlenheim


Prescription and Development

Energy Concept

Design and manufacture of solar thermal systems.

M. Dominique Gauss
Parc économique de la Sauer
67360 Eschbach


Advice and distribution of products "comfort of the air", such as single or double flow ventilation.

M. Bernard Vuaroquaux
ZI Côte Vermeille
66300 Thuir




Carpentry and joinery work.

M. Holderbach Jean-François
38b rue du Moulin
67440 Jetterswiller



Aménagement et Décoration

Catala Glass Art

Design and production of thermoformed  (fusing) glassware and decorative elements of layout such as credenzas, sinks, railings, trellises, steles, etc. ...

Mme Caty Wasser
10 rue du Diebach
67310 Cosswiller

Design Eric Wasser

Creation and design of furniture, lighting fixtures and contemporary layouts.

M. Eric Wasser
10 rue du Diebach
67310 Cosswiller


Conseil & Communication

Agence européenne “Territoires et Synergies”

M Jacques Robert
18 rue du Rhône
67100 Strasbourg


Heliodome . 10 rue du Diebach 67310 Cosswiller . Tel-Fax 03 88 87 09 66 .