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Our Journey, the Construction of the Solar House Heliodome


The Birth of the Heliodome

Model of the bioclimatic architecture Heliodome
Model of the Heliodome’s Bioclimatic Architecture

After ten years of research inspired by the principles of sundials on how volumes may be generated by the annual and daily path of the sun, the patent for the Heliodome was filed in January 2001 and issued in April 2003 .

Many awards were collected during these years of development :

  1. First prize of there national Lepine Challenge in Paris in May 200
  2. First Innovation Prize in October 2003
  3. Presentation at the Cité des Sciences of La Villette (exhibition "Sun, myth or reality?") from April 2004 to January 2005
  4. Solar Prize of Swiss solar engineering professionals in April 2005

After the completion of numerous models of various dimentions, the building permit for the first full-sized, solar architecture in Cosswiller (Bas-Rhin) was ontained in March 2005.


The Construction

Laying of the foundation stone of the solar house Heliodome
The laying of the first foundation stone of the Heliodome

The foundation stone was laid in June 2006 and, after completion of the pioneering engineering studies (field studies, load distribution, design structures, structural work plans, etc..)
Construction of the prototype of this first bioclimatic Heliodome house began in September 2008.


The have used various building materials in the construction of this solar house :

  1. Concrete to provide thermal inertia and the anchoring of the frame
  2. Wood from our forests for the structure
  3. Double glazing with a high insulation coefficient for the glass facade
  4. Wood wool for the interior insulation
  5. Cork for the external insulation
Building site of the first Solar House Heliodome

This first prototype Heliodome has ancillary equipment for increased comfort:

  1. Solar thermal panels to provide a hot water supply and the additional inertia.
  2. A ventilation system for air exchange and mixing.

The character of Heliodome’s bioclimatic architecture is strengthened by the addition of a retrieval system for rainwater and a Canadian well.


The Futures

Thanks to media interest, many visitors motivated by their interest in the ecological habitat came, sometimes from far away, to visit the prototype of the Heliodome, then still under construction.
Today, the surprise and enthusiasm of the visitors confirm that the principles of sundials had not lied.

This reinforces our commitment to work in partnership with consulting firms on other variants derived from the principles of the solar architecture of the Heliodome to meet various expectations.

Currently other projects are being designed at the request of owners located in Alsace, Switzerland and Austria.

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