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Heliodome, Solar Concept of an Ecological Habitat


How does the sun sculpt the Heliodome ?

Sunshine graph of the bioclimatic architecture Heliodome - sideview
Heliodome Solar House, the Sun at its Zenith
Sunshine graph of the bioclimatic architecture Heliodome - upperview
Solar Architecture, Sunrise and sunset

The passive solar house Heliodome is a fixed architectural volume. It’s position and shape are determined by the trajectory of the sun in its annual and daily cycle.
The building embraces the sun's rays from sunrise to sunset, feeding on its energy and redistributing it in the form of living comfort.
In this way, the Heliodome is, by its bioclimatic architecture, before all else a reconciliation of man with nature.

The north face of the structure (the sloping roof) is designed by the trajectory of the sun during the winter solstice whereas during the summer solstice. the course of the sun follows the south facing glass façade.

Under our latitudes :

  1. in winter, the sun describes an arc from the south-east to south-west, remaining low in the sky. The sunlight floods the interior of the building, bringing with it maximum light and heat into the Heliodome.
  2. in summer, the sun describes an arc from north-east to north-west, positioning itself very high in the sky. Solar radiation therfor scarcely enters through the glass surface into the interior, and because of this the building reamins cool.
Different shapes of the Heliodome's solar house according to the latitude
Different shapes of the Heliodome’s solar architecture according to the latitude

The shape of the Heliodome adapts to the latitude.
In northern regions, the volume is extended, while near the tropics, it is straightened.

Subjective sunshine of the Heliodome’s bioclimatic Architecture


Why the Heliodome ?

Sunshine graph of the bioclimatic solar habitat
Yearly sunshine and the Heliodone Solar house

To allow us to naturally capture and store energy necessary for our well-being by intelligently optimizing the shape, orientation and construction of our homes.
The energetic and thermal assesment of buildings will be crucial in the future. To make a common standard for the construction of houses self-sufficient in energy, is a goal which must be acheived. The Heliodome’s bioclimatic architecture inspired by the sun’s trajectories fulfills this objective.

Simulations in accordance with the RT2000 have validated the theoretical model of the Heliodome so we can expect to make energy savings of between 80 and 90% compared to a conventional building.
The prototype of our fixed solar house, equipped with probes and sensors, should prove the accuracy of these preliminary studies and validate in a practical way the concept of the Heliodome.


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